Vero Beach Tourist Attractions That Are Cool Places To Visit

Vero Beach Tourist Attractions That Are Cool Places To Visit

Vero Beach is the place to be if you are a nature lover. Have you been to this city before? If not, you are in for a treat. There are lots of natural wonders to see, and you will enjoy the wildlife there, too. Let’s get to looking at some places that Vero Beach FL has to offer its residents and visitors.

South Beach Park is located at the end of the East Causeway, and there is a lifeguard on duty there. That is always good for people to know when visiting the beach and wanting to go for a swim. There are covered picnic tables there, and there are vending machines there as well. You can also make use of one of the charcoal grills if you want to have a barbecue. One reviewer said that South Beach Park is the best public beach in Vero Beach.

While there is plenty to do in Vero Beach outdoors, there are also indoor attractions. For example, there is the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Located at 3001 Riverside Park Drive, the Vero Beach Museum of Art has a wonderful permanent collection, including a sculpture garden. There are also traveling exhibits and a gift shop as well.

How does a Marsh Beast Airboat Tour sound? You can find this boat tour available at the Blue Cypress Recreation Area, and reviews say that the guides are said to be very engaging and knowledgeable. This tour will get you out on the water, too, and so that will be a unique adventure. There is another boat tour company in the area as well, and it’s called Captain Bob’s Airboat Adventure Tours.

You can also stop by Humiston Park, which is located at 3000 Ocean Drive. You can check out the oceanfront, enjoy a picnic, visit the farmers market and more at Humiston Park. People say the park is a great place to gather and have a cookout. People say you can also take in some gorgeous views there, and there is a story about a sunken ship offshore over in that area that is also mentioned in the reviews.

How do these Vero Beach attractions sound? There’s a lot more to do in Hibiscus City, and did you know that is where Sandy Koufax and Gloria Estefan are from? There is also a Disney Resort in Vero Beach that is extremely popular to visit.

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