This is the guide to request a loan

There is a lot of talk about the January slope and yet, a simple unforeseen event can make you forget your monthly budget and have no liquidity to make ends meet. And on top of those unforeseen events, in general, you have to pay them almost overnight, so it is necessary to obtain money quickly and conveniently. That is precisely what MoneyLuck Savings offers you. If you are not familiar with the process do not worry, you just have to follow this guide to request a loan in MoneyLuck Savings.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you meet some requirements:

  1. Be over 18 and resident in Spain
  2. Have the DNI or NIE in force
  3. Be the owner of an online bank account that is operational
  4. Have an email address and a mobile phone number


Guide to request a loan step by step

loan request

You decide how much and how to return it

If you meet the previous four points, asking for a loan in MoneyLuck Savings is very simple, you just have to go to their website where you can apply from 750 dollars to 5,000 dollars. You decide how much you want to ask and once you have selected the amount you can choose, among certain amounts, what is the monthly payment that best suits your budget to return the loan. For example, if you request 2,500 dollars you can choose to pay monthly between 130 dollars and 280 dollars.


Fill in the form

money loans

When you click on ‘Request your loan’ a simple form will appear in which you must enter your email, a mobile and the password you choose. Subsequently you only have to connect to your bank account when prompted and send your request.

In a few minutes, MoneyLuck Savings will study this request and analyze your data to later offer you a customized product that adapts to your needs and financial circumstances. If the loan has been approved, MoneyLuck Savings will send you a personalized offer to your email and a text message to your mobile.


Read the offer carefully

When you receive it, read it carefully because it will reflect the amount that MoneyLuck Savings lends you, the monthly payments you have to pay and the interest, which will be determined based on the amount requested and the repayment term. Unlike financial institutions, when applying for a loan in MoneyLuck Savings you will not have to hire other related products. Similarly, as opposed to what happens with banks, being on the Asnef list does not mean that MoneyLuck Savings automatically denies you credit.


Accept the offer and we will send you the money

money loans

If you agree with the conditions contained in your personalized offer, you will only have to accept it and provide a copy of your national identity document. In a few minutes MoneyLuck Savings will send you the money. At this point you should keep in mind that sometimes it may take a little longer to have it in your account due to the operation of your bank, especially if you request it on weekends or holidays.


As you can see, applying for a loan in MoneyLuck Savings does not involve complex procedures and the money can be returned within a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum of 36 months. You know, if you need extra money quickly and easily with a simple process you can have up to 5,000 dollars in your account by requesting them to MoneyLuck Savings.

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