Is the online loan a good option for you? Take this test to find out

Have you had an economic unforeseen and do not have enough money to address it right now? Have you had a project around your head for a while and do you think it’s time to make it happen? Or, you simply want to treat yourself or give a gift to someone important to you and need financing? If you find yourself in one of these situations, you may be wondering if an online credit is a good option for you.

In Astro Finance we want to solve your doubts and we have prepared for you this test that will allow you to find out in just a few seconds if an online loan is the financial product you are looking for.

Take paper and pencil, write down your answers and check the results. It’s time to solve your liquidity problems!


An online loan is what you were looking for

An online loan is what you were looking for

Maybe you didn’t know it but now you have discovered it: you were looking for a financial product that would provide you with liquidity immediately and an online loan of Astro Finance meets all your requirements. And it allows you to request between 100 and 5,000 dollars and return them in installments of up to 48 months, so you can adapt the payment to your economic and personal situation.

One of the strengths of the Astro Finance online loans is the convenience they offer to their customers: you can request them from wherever you want, because you only need to have a computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection on hand. But what you will like most is its speed because, once your request has been confirmed, you will have the money in your bank account in less than five minutes.

Probably, at this point you are wondering: what do I have to do to apply for a loan online with Astro Finance? We explain it to you because it is very simple: you just have to enter its website and select the amount of money you want and the number of fees in which you are interested in returning it, and start the application process, which will not take you more than about minutes because it doesn’t require any paperwork.

Now that you know Astro Finance you have no excuse. Start enjoying your money anytime you want!


An online loan will not solve your problems

online loan

Applying for a loan online is a commitment for which you must be prepared. If you do not currently have a source of income, or if the money you have each month just leaves you room to pay your fees, it is best to look for another alternative.

On the other hand, if you want to apply for a loan of more than 5,000 dollars, Astro Finance cannot help you because it only offers loans whose amount does not exceed that fork. Loans of larger amounts are usually requested from banks and the application and concession process is longer and generally more complex, since minimum requirements must be met and documentation such as payrolls and even guarantees in some cases must be submitted.

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