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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact us.

1. Why do I need a directory?

Having the Directory in-hand is worth the cost time and again.  When you have the Directory in hand, you can look up information as you go, while you are on the road, in the dark with flashlight in hand.  Most folks don't carry a computer with them to use in trying to find lodging for their horses.  By looking at each state in the Directory, you can tell from the map where the closest facility is to where you are traveling.  Plan ahead!  Purchase the Directory and carry it with you always.  Sometimes you may not even plan a stop, but situations change and if a stop is needed, the Directory is right there to help you find a layover.

2. Does the directory cover the entire country?

Yes. We have excellent coverage expecially along the interstate system. We have some listings along other highways, but for the most part, the stabling facilities lie along the interstates.

3. How can I get the Directory?

You can purchse the Directory from ETA by check or by credit card, using the mail, telephone, email or website. Directories are available at some retailers around the country and at some of our lister facilities. Contact ETA for specifics.

4. How can I get the Directory in a hurry?

Ordinarily, directories are mailed media mail book rate.  For faster service, add $3.27 for first class or $4.05 for priority mail.  Canadian orders please add $3.95.  Contact ETA for Fedex delivery. Without a check or a credit card, we can mail Directories C.O.D. if shipping at least first class. No C.O.D. for media mail. Again, contact ETA for details.

5. How often is the Directory updated?

A new Directory is published yearly, coming out in January/February for the next year. We try to keep the Directory as current as possible.

6. Iím taking a trip with my horse and donít plan on making a stop, would the Directory be useful to me?

Yes, carrying the Directory with you at all times, even when not planning to stop overnight, is your source of information. Our listers are your best choice for local information. Our listers will bend over backwards to help you in any way that they can. Unplanned stops occur frequently. Never leave home without your ETA Directory!